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Sunday December 17, 2017

Before sending your next text e-mail, consider sending an e-mail campaign that has graphic flare and branding qualities to drive interest to your Web store - or initiate other calls-to-action. Possibly the strategy is to generate sales interest or maybe your organization is hosting an event and you need to create exposure and drive people to a sign-up page on your website. When you consider the cost of this medium, it's the ideal complement to your current marketing plan. The sample Marketing Disciplines e-mail campaign (right) is a visual example of e-mail marketing capabilities.

To receive the e-mail campaign for your evaluation, please enter your e-mail address below or at the top of the page and submit - Then keep an eye out in your e-mail Inbox!

Upon receiving the e-mail, note the seamless appearance of the e-mail and the Marketing Disciplines website. This is an effective tool in helping to brand and grow your organization.

See a Sample Report

Why should you use Email Marketing?
  • Reports provide open,
    read and link statistics, eliminating any uncertainty
    of received, opened and
    read results.
  • Reports track how many recipients
    clicked on strategic content within the email campaig
    n (i.e. a
    link to your web store or event sign-up page.
  • Reach thousands of contacts for a fraction of
    the cost of other mediums.
  • Drive traffic directly to
    your website.
  • Strategic links within
    the email campaign
    can launch recipients directly to an online store to help increase sales.
  • Spam controls ensure higher send rates.
  • Send-to-a-Friend feature allows pass-along to friends for added exposure.